Creative Color

Creative Color

I thought I was pretty good with technology, until I had to start navigating my way around Pinterest and Instagram! Wow, it was so overwhelming.

After a few months, I think I have now mastered it. So I thought I would show off my new skills and invite you to join my Pinterest Tribe - Creative Color. For those of you who know me Color is my passion, so I have started posting fun color pins and I want you to join me, take a look at the ones I have created and then of course add your own our other pins with interesting color schemes and ideas to it. I'd love it to be one of the best tribes. So far I have 16 Pins, (gotta start somewhere) but looking to add a whole lot more and with your help I am sure we can.

I find Pinterest a great place to look for ideas and inspiration. I have started organizing some boards and getting more regular with posting, so go take a look at my tribe, join and become part of my Pinterest community. Here is the link Creative Color Tribe on Pinterest.

If you love pinterest and want to spend more time on it but don't have the spare time, I use Tailwind it helps me organize when and what I want to pin and if you use the link Tailwind you get a $30 credit to use, (you have to click before the 17th June). It does have a free trial and that is what I have been using, it is more than enough to post all the images I need. Take a look, get a credit and find out how it works. It is definitely a great way to use Pinterest. 

unsplash-logoJon Tyson

Just found this lovely image, I'll be posting that to Pinterest very soon!

Of course, we have a lot of information about color on our website, you can find it at and we have a free color ecourse - go and join if you love color.

P.S. Don't forget to visit my tribe and join up, the more the merrier!


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