Using Living Things to Enhance your Interior - Plants

Using Living Things to Enhance your Interior - Plants

I remember when I was young, we had pot plants everywhere in the house. When we went on holiday we had to arrange someone to come in and look after them or my mum would put them all in the bath and leave a bit of water in the bottom. They were very well cared for. We had pots hanging in macrame hangers, we had rubber plants, maiden hair ferns and even a terrarium. Am I showing my age?

When I got my own house, I was given a rubber plant. I found that quite funny, it survived a while but I managed to kill it. Then I tried again but I always seemed to either over water or forget to water them, so I gave up. This meant I lost a tool from my design tool box. I have only just started to get back into adding plants to my home. I had done it for other people, but not for myself.

I must say it was very satisfying, they really do make a difference to your home and  I now check them everyday. I have put some small peace lilies in lovely black ceramic pots in our bathrooms, they provide a sense of "living". Too often bathrooms are designed to be clean and functional, they can often look sterile. By adding a plant it softens the look and adds fresh air to the space.

I used some old tea cups and put mini plants in them and put them on the window sill in my kitchen - I just love them - I look at them all the item and they add life to the kitchen. I think I will keep going and try my hand at some herbs too.

My daughter's bedroom is very hot so the only thing that survives is cacti. She has a small pot with miniature cacti. That's the experience in my house with plants, and it reinforces to me that they are an important tool for your designer tool box.

I have some examples of how plants have been used for interiors. Take a look and start collecting ideas that you can use for your next project or just make yourself aware that they are a great tool for adding a living dimension to your design.

A collection of cacti at the window.

Great use of the plant's form here, the wonderful leaves of the plant on the left behind the chair create a canopy look and the vertical leaves on the right balance the width of the piano. 

This beautiful orchid adds color and contrast to this bedroom.

This leafy plant softens the hard surfaces in the living room.

The bonsai tree accentuates the minimalist feel of this space and is the focal point of the room.

Not plants but flowers in this space adding color and a sense of opulence.

The plants convey a homely casual and carefree look.

The fern in this room mirrors the wallpaper.

Wow, lost for words with this one - enchanting perhaps.

Hanging plants with pendant lights.

From looking at these images you can see how plants can be used in numerous forms to truly transform interior spaces. Remember to consider them in your design, but like everything we do in design - use restraint - overuse can look tacky. 

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