If you love interior design but don't have the time to learn....

If you love interior design but don't have the time to learn....

.......you now can with WillowCollege.

I used to dream of being an interior designer. Now I am, but I had to study part time and attend classes, work and juggle a business. It was hard work. 

Thank goodness for progress and technology now.  I have been teaching interior design online at interiordezine.com for 15 years.  Now I have set up a new business called WillowCollege.  WillowCollege offers an Online Interior Design course designed for the busy person to learn in 3 minute bite sized lessons.  No more having to be at a class on a certain day at a certain time. You can learn when you want, study a lot when you have the time and not feel guilty when you have other commitments for missing a class.  

As it is brand new, I am offering a one week free trial. I though if you have an interest in interior design then you may want to explore learning more. If you visit https://willowcollege.lpages.co/free-trial-blog/ you can explore, there's nothing to lose, no credit card entry required. Go and have some fun learning interior design on me.

Learn to explore color and form.

Interior Design is an art form and we all have our own creativity to unleash, it's just understanding how to do it and then practicing.

Attention to detail - textures, finishes, lighting, color.

If you want to explore interior design more then 


visit interiordezine.com

Learn interior decorating for free at interiordezine.com Hundreds of thousands have already benefited from the experience - you can too!

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