Should we put Color Back in the Bathroom?

Putting Color Back in the Bathroom

For so long now, all I can remember is white bathroom fixtures. Toilet, bath, shower, vanity, basin. They are all white available in many different shapes and sizes, designs and styles but predominantly white. I was recently scrolling through Unsplash, where I get inspirational photos and I found these images of bathroom fittings and walls that were a little bit different so I though I would share them.

Pink Toilet Cistern and Toilet Pan

Image Credit -Curology

I love pink! Do you think you could live with a pink toilet, cistern and pink walls? Well I think they should have had a pink toilet seat. The white just doesn't cut the mustard.

Pink bath and pink tiled walls.

A pink bath and pink wall tiles in these two images. Great action photo.

Pink Bath and Pink Tiled Walls

We only see a small part of the bath and wall here, can you imagine the what the whole bathroom looks like?

Green basin and green tiles

Green, now this color was still found a little when I was young but I haven't seen it for a long time. I could live with this and it is used here with traditional lever faucets, so it has heritage design, probably in a bathroom of a 1950's home.

White toilet set and colorful glitter walls

White - we have all seen this type of toilet set but have we seen the walls before? If you have a look in the image below, they are actually a collection of colorful sequins and glitter type of finish. I have never seen it before, so I challenge you to let me know if you have and where to get it. It's is quite unique.

White bath and surround with glitter walls

A very different way to add color to a bathroom.

Lilac wall tiles and bath.

Lilac, soft and subtle, calm and relaxing. I like this use of color in a bath and wall tiles. I could use a bathroom with this color and it isn't too over powering like the pink we saw in the first images.

Blue tiled shower - show your personality

Very intense blue tiles shower - I love it as it shows a willingness to add color and personality t a bathroom.

Black is often present in modern bathrooms

Black tiles and white fixtures - I was actually looking for black fixtures as they seem to be the trend right now. Black baths, black basins, black toilets. But no images to be found yet, so I have settled for the black walls instead. A lot a lighting required in this bathroom.

Peach - perfect for the bathroom

Potent peach. Now I am not afraid to admit when I don't know something, and I don't know what this room is used for? Not sure what the blue hose is but for the purpose of color and bathrooms - I surprisingly find the peach color quite fun.

Add some floral designs to the toilet pans.

I just had to show you the toilet and bidet fixtures - look at the floral design on them, a first for me. I love them, not sure where I will ever see them again.

Keep smiling!

Keep smiling - these are all just design color ideas, presented to make you think.

To summarize, why stick to safe white in your bathroom, think outside the square and add a little color. I hope these images have given you some inspirational ideas, or not!! It's always good in design to know what we don't like and rule that out, saves a lot of time in your design process. 

Oh, you are probably wondering about this image? Well. I have been up since 5am because I couldn't sleep, so when I saw this image it made me laugh, and my editorial judgement is not so good at this time of the morning. I hope it makes you laugh too. Feel free to add your comments, I'd love to get your thoughts on this color topic.

Go on....add some color to your bathroom, you know you want to!



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